Determine the Best Setup for Your Business

Determine the Best Setup for Your Business

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When it comes to business formation lawyers in Houston, Texas, not many will devote themselves to your case like attorney Peterson. The Law Office of Keith D. Peterson, CPA, J.D. has helped many business owners establish their business models. Attorney Peterson will go over your ideas with you and explain the pros and cons of your choice. You can trust him to tailor your business model to meet your needs exactly.

See why attorney Peterson is one of the most trusted business formation lawyers around. Reach out to him today to get started.

Turn to attorney Peterson for all of your business law needs

You’ll be glad you consulted with attorney Peterson about your business. As your contract attorney in Houston, Texas, he can help you:

  • Form a limited partnership
  • Litigate disputes
  • Draft and revise contracts
  • Create a corporation
  • Become a limited liability company
  • Set up shares of certificates for local or state offices
  • Draft organizational minutes

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