Your Estate Defines Your Legacy

Your Estate Defines Your Legacy

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The Law Office of Keith D. Peterson, CPA provides reliable estate planning services for individuals in Houston, Texas. Our local estate planning attorney can help you navigate every aspect of planning your estate including creating a will.

A will is a document that states your final wishes. By working with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney you will put all your wishes on paper, so that your loved ones are able to ensure that your assets are distributed as desired when you pass.

Without a will you would have died intestate which means that the Texas Estates Code will outline how your assets are distributed. This will vary based on your situation such as:

  • Single with living parents
  • Single with non-living parents
  • Married with a spouse
  • Unmarried with children

Don’t leave your estate up to the Texas court. Contact our Houston, Texas office today to schedule an appointment to learn more about our estate planning services.